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This blog moved years ago!!!

This blog moves quite some time ago! You can now find me here:


Extra Hour in Bed My ARSE!

*rant rant rant*

Extra hour in bed *mumble*

Better for kids walking to school in the morning *rubbish – they just get run over in the dark afternoons when they’re tired instead!*

What is with this resetting of clocks malarky?!

And when is someone going to get the idea through to the under 5s?!! Putting the clocks back just means I get woken at 5am instead of 6am on a bliddy Sunday morning!

Hmmm need to transcribe this to grrrblogr 😉

That is all.

An afternoon out…

As today was Friday of the half term holiday, the kidlets were getting bored and the weather was fine and unseasonably warm, so we bunged them a camera each and set off to visit Birmingham Nature Centre

We armed ourselves with dodgy digital cameras/mobiles, and Marty gave us a triangle theme for our snappy afternoon, resulting in:

Read More…

In other news….

Well there’s plenty of stuffies occurring right now!

A lovely twitter friend of mine has a couple of exciting projects on the go I’d like to draw attention to:

  • Birmingham Flash Mob:  which I am unable to partake in, so will try and nag as many others as possible to join in!
  • 4amProject: A super-exciting venture which expects us all to drink lots of alcohol and stay up all night get up in the middle of the night and take photos of what we’re doing and where we are etc.  I love this sort of stuff, great idea Karen, I hope you get lots of groovy submissions! Mine will probably of be DaMooseBiscuit curled up with a cat and a Springer Spaniel… he’s all talk about the staying up all night thang! 😉

 Also a poor minkeh was stolen from a  local sanctuary (I still blame @_romi, despite the fact she’s in Canada), I saw some rather haunting photos of a napalm test site, and I found an office I was hoping was for rent!

And then I had a few drinks ….. ! ;D Oh and here’s a giggle!

(Belated) Happy Birthday, Enso

First meeting...

The birth of our son, Enso, seems in some ways such a long, long time ago! He’s recently turned two and is a pain in the arse very bouncy little boy. But, with his birthday and the snowy weather being pretty much as it was then, it brings back all the crazy memories of his birth. It was a majorly stressful and pretty scary time, but looking at him now……….. he was so worth it! 🙂 Read More…


I am very patient, except for in specific circumstances.

I can sit in a queue of traffic, patiently allowing other drivers to join or switch lanes when others are banging their head on the steering wheel or honking their horn. What’s the hurry, we’re not going anywhere and there’s nothing we can do about it. (Okay well, honestly, I do freak out about this on the odd occassion but only if I have to be somewhere really, really important, like the pub a hospital appointment or someone’s ill, or somesuch.)

I can stand in line for hours, if neccessary, while others are huffing, puffing and shouting and swearing at anyone who looks like they might be vaguely connected with whoever is running the place. Like, say, a cleaner.

I’ve mastered the art of supermarket shopping without having a nervous breakdown, calmly allowing all those shoppers who are clearly much busier than I am and need to get their shopping done as quickly as possible, albeit at the expense of some old lady’s ankles, to push in front of me with their weapons of mass destrustion shopping trolleys.

There’s just one thing I can’t stand. It churns me up inside! I hate knowing that some kind of surprise is going to occur but not yet and I have to wait. I am SO impatient. I hate waiting for Christmas presents. I generally try and force torture persuade hubster to give me my Christmas present as soon as he buys it, or at least tell me what it is. If ever you’re planning me a surprise party (I’m forty next year, by the way, so yep, would be nice, eh?) you’d better make sure you give me no hint or inclination because I will just beat hound you until I have full details so that I may prepare.

One of my twitter friends has been tweeting a countdown this week, and I am finding it very hard not to nag, jump up and down or throw a tantrum in order to find out what it is. Whatever she’s up to, it’s probably not going to drastically impact upon my daily life but it’s been eating at me all week! What is she up to? Why don’t I know about it??!! 

Yeah. Control freak!? Me?! 😉

Total lack of postage

I know there’s not really anyone out there waiting with baited breath for my next blog post, so I don’t think I will have killed anyone due to anoxia, but sorry I haven’t posted for ages!

A very chaotic time in the ‘dillo moosebiscuit household right now, so not only do I have very little time for mestuffs but my brain is not particularly functioning at full capacity. At the moment it’s in “survive the demon daughter for a whole weekend without tearing out your own eyeballs” mode. I swear, I’m going to donate her to Tanya Byron for medical research if this continues for much longer! They warn you about the terrible two’s, but no-one tells you it lasts ’til puberty then you have adolescence to deal with.

Feck and fie.

Well, we’ll survive and she has short bursts of loveliness amongst the evil tantrums, so I think we must be due one of these respite periods shortly. Please.

Toodle pip!

Oh and please would you mind awfully reading this old post and commenting as no-one ever did and I wanna know!? ;D Thanks!