An afternoon out…

As today was Friday of the half term holiday, the kidlets were getting bored and the weather was fine and unseasonably warm, so we bunged them a camera each and set off to visit Birmingham Nature Centre

We armed ourselves with dodgy digital cameras/mobiles, and Marty gave us a triangle theme for our snappy afternoon, resulting in:

Triangles - Sas

Triangles (Sas)

Triangles - Sas Triangles - Sas Triangles - Kizzie Triangles - Sas Triangles - Kizzie Triangles - Sas Triangles-Albie Triangles - Albie Triangles - Albie Triangles - Albie Triangles - Kizzie

Albie took a nice skull photo:

Skull - Albie

Kizzie also captured some caged people…..

Caged Peeps - Kizzie

….and a dead, pinned yet somehow still trying to get away butterfly……

Butterfly - Kizzie

…and some ermmm porcupine poo?!

Porcupine Poo! - Kizzie

Oh, yeah, and there were a few animals and stuff there too!

Goats - Kizzie Tortoise - Albie Tortoise and Lizard thingy! Albie Shnake - Albie Meerkat - Kizzie Spider - Albie Otter - Sas Millipede - Albie Reptile house - Kizzie Snake - Sas Wood Carving - Sas Keep Off - Sas  


About Sas Taylor

Yorkshire lass in Brum | wife | mother | homebased zoo keeper | ex-nurse | wonky thinker | photographer | macro iPhoneographer | that there @b31voices thing

3 responses to “An afternoon out…”

  1. pigsonthewing says :

    Fantastic pics – I love the idea of have a “triangle theme” for the day.

    Perhaps the theme for your next day out could be “circles”?

    • mrskarmadillo says :

      Thanks Andy 🙂 Circles is a possibility. The triangles turned out really well as it really made them look at shapes and lines around them in a different way. I was actually surprised how observant they can be! Now, if we can just get them to pay attention to us in a similar manner……. hmmm, perhaps not! 😉

  2. tchee says :

    What a truly brilliant idea. I will definitely be stealing it on our next day out! Great pics too, the children obviously enjoyed themselves very much!

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