7 Things (You Absolutely Don't Need to Know) About Me

The lovely Jaki Booth (@parboo) tagged me in that 7 Things whatnot that’s dashing around the blogosphere. Thanks (I think!) ;D

The question then arises, what to tell you without being too dull and without getting too personal! So here you go.

1. I live in Birmingham, but was born and raised in the Pennine Hills. You think this is snow…..?! ;D

2. I fell in love with & married a man in a wheelchair and hate it when people tell me how brave I must be for doing so. *rolls eyes* (I am quite a hero though, aren’t I!? ha! Kidding!) We were married in New York, in a friend’s living room, by a scary judge. Hubster thought he was going to send him to the electric chair but ultimately the sentence was much worse for him than that!

3. I am a Registered General nurse.

4. My brother was in The Full Monty. No, he didn’t take his clothes off (thankfully!), he was in the brass band marching outside the factory in the opening scenes.

5. I’m writing a novel. It’s rubbish!

6. I have an unhealthy addiction to licorice toffees and I adore raw carrots but loathe them cooked. Bleurgh.

7. I’ve played brass instruments since the age of 10 but don’t really play much any more: Just a tootle on my purple (Yes, purple! Woot!) flugel horn when I feel like it! My party trick is playing requests on a Smarties tube so I was gutted when they made them into flimsy, hexagonal poopage.

After trying to find bloggers who haven’t already done their 7 things, I pass the challenge to:

Karen Strunks
Romina Oliverio
Julian Kimmings
Michael Grimes
Ian Hughes
Julia Gilbert
Emma Jones

If you have already done it, and I missed it… oops! Sorry! 😉


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About Sas Taylor

Yorkshire lass in Brum | wife | mother | homebased zoo keeper | ex-nurse | wonky thinker | photographer | macro iPhoneographer | that there @b31voices thing

4 responses to “7 Things (You Absolutely Don't Need to Know) About Me”

  1. Romi says :

    Your novel will not be rubbish, it will not!!!

    🙂 Damn, now you’ve tagged me. But I did that 25 meme on Facebook thing – does that count? (Which btw, I *totally* forgot to tag you in. )

  2. Alice says :


    I think it was probably me that tagged you. HAHA!


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