Total lack of postage

I know there’s not really anyone out there waiting with baited breath for my next blog post, so I don’t think I will have killed anyone due to anoxia, but sorry I haven’t posted for ages!

A very chaotic time in the ‘dillo moosebiscuit household right now, so not only do I have very little time for mestuffs but my brain is not particularly functioning at full capacity. At the moment it’s in “survive the demon daughter for a whole weekend without tearing out your own eyeballs” mode. I swear, I’m going to donate her to Tanya Byron for medical research if this continues for much longer! They warn you about the terrible two’s, but no-one tells you it lasts ’til puberty then you have adolescence to deal with.

Feck and fie.

Well, we’ll survive and she has short bursts of loveliness amongst the evil tantrums, so I think we must be due one of these respite periods shortly. Please.

Toodle pip!

Oh and please would you mind awfully reading this old post and commenting as no-one ever did and I wanna know!? ;D Thanks!

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