Can a social network host a panto? Oh yes it can!

Following the recent success of his interactive live blogging Brummie bus ride , Jon Bounds has had another bright idea!

To stage a christmas panto


On twitter?!

The increasingly popular micro-blogging platform has never seen the likes of this before! Men in tights and lipstick, pumpkin coaches, iPhone toting villians and environmentally unfriendly panto cows. The virtual production even has a narrator, a stage director and a script with lines no longer than 140 characters long!

A smattering of social media celebrities star with regular tweeters in the production of Cinderella: with a Member of Parliament, a Guardian scribe, the founder of the Tuttle Club and a newspaper editor amongst the cast.

So, can a twitter play really work? I think so! Especially as panto is an interactive medium anyway. Watch and see! Audience participation is to be encouraged, so come along and join in! You can follow the live action by following the #twitpanto hashtag from 2pm GMT today!

Oh yes. And I am in it. Perfectly cast 😉

Must run along and get in costume!

Hope to see you there!

About Sas Taylor

Yorkshire lass in Brum | wife | mother | homebased zoo keeper | ex-nurse | wonky thinker | photographer | macro iPhoneographer | that there @b31blog thing

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