Blog Action Day 2008: Poverty – A Child's Eye View

Having had a hectic day and little time to think about blogging, I decided to let the children write a short entry for me.

Just a few thoughts from them, without any direction. 


Poor people are grateful and kind and they should really get good food. They should get clean water instead of having to carry dirty water back from the dirty old river. They should also get education instead of children having to wake up really early to work. The most important thing is that they have a great time with their family. 
Albie, Age 9

A Poem
Kizzie, Age 7 

I wish that children in need
Could see a dog on a lead.

I wish that they could bake,
Maybe a cake.

Why can’t they be like us,
Without any fuss.

Oh why
Oh why
Oh why

After having a little refresher chat on the problems of world poverty, Albie was almost tempted to sell his Xbox! Almost.

They do sometimes take things for granted but I’m just glad they’re aware and mindful of the issues.

Albie has already said that when he’s a world class footballer (!), he will give ALL of his wage to help the poor people in Africa!

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