Embarrassing Moments

Well, I was thinking about some old childhood memory stuffs, and realised that, even though they weren’t comparatively that bad, my most painfully remembered embarrassing moments occurred when I was a child. Around that age when you’re starting to be more aware of what the world is all about, making silly mistakes suddenly becomes much more painful as you realise how stupid you just were! Recalling these moments as an adult brings back all those half understood childish feelings and, in my case at least, more readily makes your cheeks burn again than any recent faux pas!

My two most deeply engrained moments make me go hot and flushed when I think about them still. Obviously if I did either of these now, I’d just laugh, but the memory of them brings the memory of the feelings flooding right back!

OK *takes deep breath and puts head in hands, blushing* they are thus: 

  • At a VW Rally (Yes, my family were Beetle freaks!) aged about 8 or 9 years, tired after a busy hot summer’s day,  I threw my arms around what I thought was my dad’s hairy leg in shorts and socks and ‘jesus sandals’ and hugged, a full bodily squeeze…. only to discover it wasn’t my dad, it was his hairy friend!!!!!! aarrrrrrgggggghhhhhhh! Oh sheesh, I’m beetroot red right now!!
  • Around about the same age, my mum sent me down to the village store to buy her a ‘feminine hygiene product’. She gave me a £5 note and told me exactly what shelf it was on and what the packet looked like. I don’t think I even really knew what it was I was buying, but I knew it was in a white plastic packet! She bribed me by saying I could buy ‘pop’ or an ice lolly with the change. So off I went, into the store, went where she’d directed me, got the goods and an ice pop for myself, and skipped back up the hill home. It was a lovely sunny day, and in the 70’s neighbours were, well, neighbourly! So when I got home, mum was sitting on our front garden with half the women of the street, gossiping and enjoying the sun. When she realised what I’d done, she started howling with laughter, and told EVERYONE how she’d sent me for sanitary towels and I’d brought back a cotton wool pleat!! They all fell about in bits and I died inside!! Thanks Mum!! 😉
So, friends, what are your most embarrassing moments, childhood or otherwise??? 
C’mon now, don’t be shy!

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