Kitty Update

Well, having just spruced up this blog and skimmed through old posts, I noticed that since announcing we won (YAY!) the battle for a kitten, I haven’t actually blogged piccies of said prize!

As it happens, I actually managed to twist Marty’s arm to get TWO lovely little hairy beasties… on the proviso  that he was allowed to name them. Eek! So along came two gorgeous little brothers, totally black and half Persian (not that you’d know they had any class!)

The names chosen (by Marty!) are Jeff (Astle, West Brom hero) and Diego (Maradonna… Argentinian… ehhh… hero?! (Cheat!))

They’re quite withdrawn little kitties, having been left to their own devices with their mum and litter mates in the garden and garage of the home they came from. They’re very friendly just not over-cuddly, but they’re getting better. They’re a little bit naughty, having already used the case of my flugel horn and my new computer chair as scratching posts (grrrrrrrrr). At 6 months old, awaiting neutering, these teenagers are soooooo wanting to go out, and are punishing us by leaving little puddles at the moment…. the one on Marty’s computer didn’t go down too well!! They are, however, gorgeous, so they can get way with it….

……a little! 

I’ll post some up to  date piccies soon.

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