Love is……

“Nothing is more beautiful than true love. In true love we don’t make each other worry, suffer, or get angry. On the contrary, we have the ability to offer joy and reduce suffering in our loved one. Because of understanding, we know how to love, and we don’t rob the joy, the appreciation, the inspiration of our loved one; we don’t force our loved one to think like we think, to act like we act, to like the things that we like, but we let our loved one maintain herself. In true love there is no discrimination. In true love we always think of ways to help our loved one to carry out their dream, their aspiration. And the other person will equally support us in that way. Our love will not be limited or prohibited by any religion or theology. When we have happiness in our love, we have the ability to create happiness for other people. That love can be developed to embrace all human beings, it can keep growing endlessly so that one day it can embrace the whole universe. In Buddhism this love is called love without boundaries.

— Thich Nhat Hanh

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