The Story of Enso

Don’t make me angry…
You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry!

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As promised, here’s the details on the arrival of Enso James Taylor.

As you all mostly know, we’d been having a hell of a time for the couple of months before Enso arrived. You know when it feels like nothing is going right? When you tell yourself that trouble comes in threes but then along comes trouble number 4… 5… 6… etc!

Still, pregnancy-wise I was feeling great and ante-natal visits and scans were showing everything going well. I was feeling so good compared to how crappy I’d felt carrying both Albie and Kizzie, I kept joking that we’d be sure to be have a nightmare of a birth to compensate! And as this was to be our 3rd baby and the last one was a good size, we were bracing ourselves for a monster!

At 34 weeks pregnant the whole family had a tummy bug… one of those harsh ones which last 12 hours but leave you feeling like you’ve been ill for a week. Anyway, everyone recovered as you’d expect.

Except me.

I’d be fine one day, eating and drinking normally, not feeling nauseous at all. Then within 24 hours or so, I’d get this agonising high, abdominal pain and start vomiting again. Again this would last 12-24 hours and then I’d be fine again.

Only to return…..

I spoke to my midwife and she thought it was just a severe gastritis due to the tummy bug we’d all had an said I’d have to get through it. As long as I was eating and drinking well (which I was every other day at least!) then just sit it out.

As this cycle dragged on poor Marty had his hands full. Worrying about me & Enso, trying to keep up with work, keeping the kids entertained, fed, in school and clean!

Finally four days before Enso was born, I’d been up all night with the pain and vomiting and I called the doctor. It was a Sunday and they said they would visit but it would take around 4-5 hours for them to get here. I said I couldn’t wait, the pain was too severe and seemed to be getting worse. The doctor told me to call an emergency ambulance.

I felt a complete idiot. A fraud.

Dialling 999 and having two paramedics whisk me away. For a tummy bug. I’ve never before in my adult life called out a doctor, much less an ambulance!

Anyway an agonising 3 hour wait to be seen in ED, two litres of dextrose-saline, zantac and anti-emetic IV and the pain went away and I was feeling fine again. My BP was up a little bit, which was presumed to be the pain. Blood tests and urine tests all fine.

So. Diagnosis: severe gastritis. Treatment: go home with anti-emetic and zantac tablets.

The next day, Monday I had an appointment at the women’s hospital for a scan to check baby’s growth. I felt fine. Again BP and urine tests… nada. Scan… all fine, baby estimated 6 pounds 5 with 4 weeks left to go.

Tuesday: yuh huh, you guessed it! Pain. Vomiting. Tablets didn’t work. I just resigned myself to getting through it with as little whining as possible 😉

Tuesday night and Wednesday day time: felt absolutely fine!

Wednesday night: woke up at 2.30am in agony again. High abdominal pain. Again, resigned to the fact I was going to have to just get through the night and it would be gone again.

Until I realised I was also in labour! I was 36 weeks pregnant.

The contractions were hard to notice at first, I was so preoccupied with the abdo pain.

Phone Marty’s mum and got to the hospital.

When they put the monitor on the baby they saw that he was distressed… his heart slowed right down during each contraction. They wanted to do a caesarian but were torn as he seemed to be fine in between contractions. So we carried on with the labour.

OK here I’ll be sparse with the details cos it gets messy!

Suffice to say, the labour itself, for me was easy as I was so preoccupied with the other pain! For Enso, it was tougher!

At around 6.50am, the midwife (who hadn’t even checked my BP as everyone was so preoccupied with what was happening with Enso) suddenly realised I really was in agony with my abdo pain and put 2+2 together: I had preeclampsia… had had for two weeks! BP check and Blood test confirmed this within 10 minutes and I was taken to a high dependency room. As soon as I arrived here I had to push… 2 pushes (ok maybe 2.5!) and Enso James Taylor was in the world! THEN all hell broke loose! He was small. Totally unexpectedly he was just 4 pounds 4 and took just over a minute to start breathing. So there were paediatric doctors attending to him. Two doctors and midwives trying to get drips in both my arms.

I got to hold him for a few minutes before he was taken off to the neonatal unit.

As I was under treatment and on bedrest for 24 hours, I didn’t see him for ages! They were to bring him to me but as he ended up being on a drip and naso-gastric feed as he was glucose intolerant, he had to stay on the unit.

Luckily, I responded to the treatment quickly and they stopped it early… like they said, if I’d managed not to have a fit or drop dead while I had preeclampsia for 2 weeks, I should be fine now!!

Marty and me got to go to the NNU around 12 hours after he was born and finally visit him for a few minutes 🙂

I was discharged after a couple of days but Enso had to stay until he reached 5 pounds in weight and was eating well. At 11 days old we finally got him home!!

Now, he’s doing really well… eating like a piglet and gaining weight quickly. Last weigh in on Friday, he was 6 pounds and 11 ounces!

So quite a drama ( I forgot to add that on my 2nd night in hospital Marty got snowed in there too! oh and that the reason lil Enso was in distress, was that the tiny muppet had somehow tied a complete knot in the umbilical cord!! And to think, we’d been planning a home birth!) but well worth it….. the amount of people who have already asked if we’ll be having another is unbelievable!!

And in case you’re wondering… after that? No way!! 🙂

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