Happy New Year!

Wishing a happy, healthy 2007 to you all.

I suppose that since I haven’t written anything for such a long time, I really should update you!

I’m now 31 weeks pregnant, just 9 weeks to go….. AAARRRGGHH!! Yes, time to start panicking a little as we’re so not ready! We kept saying oh let’s get Christmas out of the way then we’ll sort out everything for the baby. A moment of sheer terror hit me the second I opened my eyes on Dec 27th! A moment of realisation that we’d better get a move on!

We had a 4D scan of Prawn about a month ago. It was amazing. To see him there in 3 dimensions, his little face, arms, legs. We have a half hour dvd of the whole scan and lots of pictures (CLICK to see a few piccies!) and can watch him whenever we like! This is especially great for Marty and the kids who don’t get the pleasure of feeling him moving around inside them. It gives them a connection.

We’re so excited now but I’ll feel a little happier when we’ve got all the stuff we need and have cleaned up and organised the house… and redecorated etc !! OK, I’ll try not to overdo the redecorating bit….. 😉

Meanwhile, we’ve (well, Marty has at least!) been working hard on the business and we’re making some good progress there.

And because we were bored and didn’t have enough to do, I decided to get Marty a new puppy for his birthday in November! Fudo is a gorgeous English Springer Spaniel with a working pedigree. And I picked the liveliest of the litter………. doh!! Needless to say he’s full of beans and keeping us busy but he’s the most gorgeous, gentle, loving, eager to please dog I have ever had the pleasure of owning.

Albie and Kizzie are growing alarmingly quickly and are developing more and more their own characters. Kizzie lost her first two teeth this weekend and seems to have aged 5 years for it! We had possibly the best Christmas we’ve had in years. Christmas Day was fantastic. The kids have been happy and appreciative. Albie quote from Christmas Day: “Mum, when’s Boxing Day is it before we go back to school?” “Yes it’s tomorrow!” “Ohhhhhhhh this really is a brilliant time of year!” awwwwwwwwwwwwww…………

So, we enter 2007 as a happy family going forwards. We’ll take what comes our way and enjoy the good times together and face the bad times together. We look forward so much to meeting Prawn IV and having him join in the madness!

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