So, things have been a little hectic….

Well, yeah I know, things are ALWAYS hectic!

But they have in fact, been more hectic than ever.

Lots to sort out, which I won’t go in to. (“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”~ Buddha)

Kids crazy as ever.

Then there’s the World Cup – that’s three football matches a day to watch, yanno!…………………

Our cute little rabbit has turned into a terrifying monster! A couple of weeks ago, she bit my arm as I put her food in her huch – I think she thought I WAS the food! Now, every time I try and feed her or clean the hutch she freaks out at me and attacks me – I have to switch her bowl before she notices! Going to build her a nice run and hope that makes her happy!

Oh and a new pet: meet Little John Terry aka John.

Add to this the usual suspects: the kids, plus

Bobby (jack russell cross) and

Madeline (she’s getting very sick now 😦 The tumour in her mouth is growing quickly and causing her some problems.) 

and I’m sure you can imagine the utter chaos

Still, I think we’re getting back on track…….

And my mobile posts work, so I’m sure you can’t wait to keep reading!!

(Alice, have you downloaded Skype yet??! Or at least be un-busy on MSN occassionally!)

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