….is crap sometimes….

but I’ve determined that I’m going to work hard to make it better.

Madeline (our 14 year old rottie/German pinscher cross) is sick. She was diagnosed with cancer of the spleen and liver just over a month ago. They told us, due to the liver involvement and her age and general condition (ie. malnourished due to the cancer), it’s inoperable and suggested she had maybe a week or two to live. Mad being Mad, she’s picked up and is eating everything in sight (but gaining little weight) and being a general nuisance doing whatever she pleases because she thinks she old enough and sick enough to get away with it. Her worst problem at the moment is that she’s got a rapid growth melanoma in her mouth and, whilst nothing is going to put her off her food, it bleeds almost constantly. She doesn’t seem overly bothered – just sick of me following her around with a mop! We’ll just have to see how she goes……….

Seems like lots of people are having a bad time right now – hope I can help in some way.

Need to work hard on the business – we, well Marty really, has a new venture underway but we need to put a lot of work into it. It would be a great success – if only we had something other than time to invest in it!

We’re so broke! Bills backing up again. I’ve been kind of ignoring this for the last few days too so I’ve resolved that tomorrow I’m going to sit down and sort it all out :/

Still, looks like summer is ready to show it’s face, so that’s cheering. We’ll get there. I just need to believe that and pick my big butt up and get on with it!

Someone give me a shove??!! ;o)

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