Horrible Tantrums and Herbal Teas

Well, Kizzie’s started having the most horrific tantrums. A little late in life to start, at 5 and a half, but she’s been working up to it for a long while. 🙂

We have clear boundaries on what’s acceptable behaviour and what’s not. Our 6 year old has no real problems with them, nothing out of the ordinary anyway.

Kizzie, on the other hand is stubborn and strong willed (like her dad), and moody as heck (like ummmmm me?!).

We know exactly how to handle this…………

But in reality, we can’t.

We should ignore the bad behaviour and carry on positively when the good behaviour comes back.


Not that easy. We live next door to the neighbourhood’s “grumpy old man”. She bangs her feet methodically on the wall to get our attention – we try to ignore – he bangs back! We get more stressed and try to ignore – them both – but eventually we end up giving her attention to try to stop her banging, out of respect for the neighbour. This just makes her worse – we know it will!

Anyhow, we’re trying and after a couple of weeks of hell, we seem to be getting there – slowly.

Now there’s respite (she’s sleeping!) I’m going to have a cup of raspberry tea and read my book…….. Everyday Blessings – The Inner Work of Mindful Parenting!

Ho hum!

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2 responses to “Horrible Tantrums and Herbal Teas”

  1. Alice says :

    Aww Mac mah lil’ suga plum. 😦

    I wish you well with lil’ Kiz. Seems like you’re way tooooo much under stress, with her.. and with “grumpy old man”. It’s like having to look after 3 kids. =P LOL

    *hugs lots!*

  2. MrsKarmadillo says :

    yah at LEAST 3 😀

    Things are improving slightly though. With Kizzie not ‘grumpy old man’.

    I’d go round and explain and apologise but he won’t answer his door – to anyone, especially me LOL


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