Wanting nothing,
With all your heart
stop the stream
When the world dissolves,
Everything becomes clear.

Your notion that thoughts arise
Leads to a notion that you
Must prevent them
From arising.
These conflicting ideas
Are both wrong.
Look well at the source
Beyond mental activity.
–Daito (1282-1334)

And todays top tips to myself!…………

If you endeavor to embrace the Way through much learning, the Way will not be understood.
If you observe the Way with simplicity of heart, great indeed is this Way.
— Sutra of Forty Two Chapters

Stop searching for phrases and chasing after words
Take the backward step and turn the light inward.
Your body-mind of itself will drop
off and your original face will appear.
If you want to attain just this,
immediately practice just this.
— Dogen (1200-1253)

Mood: Pensive
Reading: work stuff…… 😐
Music: Tanya Donelly – Whiskey Tango Ghosts

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