Farewell to Frank

Our little hamster passed away today. He was pretty old and seemed fit and well. Found him lying in his cage, like he just fell asleep. Nice way to go 🙂

The kids helped us bury him in a jaffa cake box (he liked jaffa cakes, he would have approved!). They wrote little goodbye notes and put them in the box too.

We’d spent hours planning how to answer the “Has he gone to heaven to meet God?” questions……….. but they never came! They were very matter of fact; upset and will miss him and wished he hadn’t died but that’s the way of the world and they were totally willing to accept that.

Took Albie to football training tonight – he’s so great! Very proud of how he’s settled in (he joined the team a couple of weeks ago). He was annoyed because his goal was disallowed for being offside 😀

Shattered now – early night!! ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Mood: Thoughtful
Music: Pixies

Reading: No time today!

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