A severe lack of commitment……

……….. is what I’ve so far shown to this blog!

I’m not going to make any promises, like before, as I only break them!

Been busy again – work’s been crazy, kids have been crazy.

I’ve been spending a lot more time reading about buddhism – it makes so much sense to me. At the moment I think I’m leaning towards Zen but I’m not making any kind of decisions about it, I’m just learning, and seeing what happens. What I NEED to do is PRACTICE more. I try to be mindful, but I need to work on that a lot more! Ideally, I need to meditate more – at the moment it’s every few days. I want to try and make sure I meditate every day.

Kids are on holiday from school for two weeks and they’re fighting every minute of the day! Kizzie seems to hate the whole world at the moment, because according to her, the whole world hates her! – it’ll pass but it’s hard work!

Could do with a little break right now…..

Mood: Shattered!

Music: The Pixies – Surfer Rosa

Reading: Buddhism: Plain and Simple by Steve Hagan (re-read)
and Studies in Zen by D.T.Suzuki

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