Today is a fine and happy day…….

… which means the kids must have got up in a good mood and there’s been NO fighting in the house yet!
Unless you count mine and hubby’s discussions about the merits and downfalls of having a Royal Family and whether wars can be justified… no really we didn’t argue! 🙂

Today’s interesting news:
Food aid cut for Zambia refugees
US boosts Zambia with debt relief
Top 10 green energy schemes named
Camembert with that, sir? (Gourmet organic fast food)
Last year, the politics of global inequality finally came of age

guh the fighting has started now!

Wish me luck…………!

Mood: Content

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Yorkshire lass in Brum | wife | mother | homebased zoo keeper | ex-nurse | wonky thinker | photographer | macro iPhoneographer | that there @b31blog thing

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